Vacuum machine high quality model and attractive design. With a very visual keyboard and extremely easy use. Stainless steel chamber.

LCD Display

Resistant components

LCD Display in 5 languages with 20 programs and simple instructions to follow step by step the vacuum cycle

Lid hinges and wheels made from high quality materials help to prevent corrosion and rust even in difficult environments

Easy cleaning

Quick access stainless steel panel

Moulded and rounded inner chamber in AISI 304, to simplify cleaning operations

Thanks to easy opening, the operator is able to access the electronic parts with simplicity and immediacy

Vacuum 99%

Wireless sealing bars

Vacuum up to 99% thanks to the professional Busch® pump manufactured in Germany

Wireless welding bars with antirusty stainless steel pistons

Industrial vacuum machines designed to cut costs and production times

Responding to the needs of the industrial packaging: high quality, rapid and lasting vacuum. Multiple options available including modified atmosphere packaging, soft vacuum function for packaging food with liquid and the printer to facilitate the management of the warehouse. These machines are suitable to pack a large amounts of food and industrial products. Placing more vacuum bags along the sealing bar we obtain a large quantity of ready packages in a single vacuum cycle.



Optional specific program to accelerate marinating food process, directly inside the chamber

Easy products tracking and quick storage process thanks to labels printing

Gas flush

Soft Vacuum

Also delicate or soft products can be conserved perfectly thanks to the integrated implant for protective atmosphere

Program dedicated to the preservation of liquids: avoids boiling and separation of ingredients

Soft Air

Pump maintenance program

Adjustment of the air flow at the end of the cycle, to avoid compression of the products

Heating and pump cleaning program for a cheaper and effective maintenance

Vacuum sensor

To program the % of desired vacuum and obtain a more accurate control of the preservation cycle


Protective atmosphere:


Vacuum sensor:


GN pans suction pipe:


Liquids inclined shelf:


Printer + double display:



Data sheet

Tabletop Chamber:
Machine Model:
Welding bar::
↨ 520/520 mm ↔ 520/520 mm
Machine dimensions:
700x750x1110 mm.
100 kg.
25m3/h DVP
Vacío adicional:
Welding bar with pistonss:
Yes Free
Programa de vacío suave líquidos:
Yes Free
Chamber Dimensions
Final vacuum
1,0 mbar
Power Consumption
2.0 kW
Barra de Soldadura Adicional
Optional (+475€)

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