The domestic vacuum sealer Fresh 33 is design specificaly to easily seal all those fresh products, the life of those you want to be prolonged and preserve its properties. It has been thought to save time and costs in the kitchen.

Oxygen is the principal reason why food turns into bad shape. That's why we use this machines, eliminating the air inside the bags and sealing them, preventing it from going back in, keeping the properties ok more time.

Basic models with self-lubricating pump with no maintenance. These machines have self-lubricating pumps that do not require oil nor maintenance to operate.

Automatic/semi automatic/ vacuum only mode

An high operation flexibility also allows to pack delicate products manually by interrupting the vacuum cycle and the use of vacuum containers.

Vacuum in embossed rolls and bags for storage and cooking

With external suction machines it is possible to realize the vacuum inside bags and rolls long up to 6 meters that allows you to make a tailored packaging avoiding any waste of material and storage of various sizes of bags. It is also possible to seal cooking vacuum bags by adjusting the welding time.

Vacuum in plastic containers

Thanks to the special suction tube, you can also preserve food into specific containers.


Data sheet

Domestic use:
Units per package / box:
Machine Model:
Fresh 33
Welding bar::
330 mm
Machine dimensions:
385x300x180 mm
6 kg.
13 l/min
230 Volt 50 HZ
Panel de control
3 LED, Display digital
Tiempo de enfriado:
Power Consumption

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