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    Envasadora doméstica D-330 aut.
    Envasadora doméstica D-330 aut.
    Envasadora doméstica D-330 aut.
    Envasadora doméstica D-330 aut.

The domestic vacuum sealer AG-3200 is specifically designed to easily vacuum seal all fresh products, extending their shelf life while preserving their nutrients and flavor. It is particularly designed to save costs and time in your kitchen. With a sealing button + for vacuum cooking and sealing embossed cooking bags. It is made of ABS plastic with a 320 mm sealing bar and a 16/m pump. It has a LED display, and its sealing width is 3 mm. Equipped with external vacuum access.

Additionally, we include a HOME COMBO composed of:

  • 25 bags of 150X200mm
  • 25 bags of 170x250mm
  • 25 bags of 200x200mm
  • 25 bags of 200x300mm

Oxygen is the main reason why food spoils and loses its properties. That's why we use vacuum sealers, which remove the air from inside the bags and seal them to prevent air from entering again, thus preserving the properties of the food for a longer time.

Nowadays, in any household, we can save costs and extend the shelf life of perishable products by acquiring a domestic vacuum sealer. The AG-3200 vacuum sealer has manual operation and is very easy to use.

How to use the domestic vacuum sealer:

1. Place the vacuum sealer on a flat surface and connect it to the 230V power supply.

2. Open the front lid.

3. Place the product to be sealed inside a special bag (embossed or domestic bag).

4. Place the bag on the sealing bar so that the product is as flat as possible and at the same height as the machine. This prevents unevenness from causing a poor vacuum.

5. Lower the lid with the help of both hands.

6. When you see that it has created enough vacuum, press the sealing button.

7. When the indicator turns off: Your product is now vacuum-sealed.

Dimensions of Bolsemack's domestic vacuum sealer


Data sheet

Domestic use:
Units per package / box:
Machine Model:
Welding bar::
330 mm
Machine dimensions:
380x180x110 mm.
3 kg.
230 Volt 50 HZ
Panel de control
3 LED, Display digital
Tiempo de enfriado:
Las bolsas cuentan con un sellado de 1cm por cada lado, por lo tanto, se debe tener en cuenta para determinar el espacio disponible para envasado (Es decir, un centímetro menos por cada lado y abajo).

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