The domestic vacuum sealer AG-3200 is design specificaly to easily seal all those fresh products, the life of those you want to be prolonged and preserve its properties. It has been thought to save time and costs in the kitchen. With sealed button + to seal embossed vacuum pouches for cooking. Made in ABS plastics with a 320mm sealer bar and  a 16/m pump. It has a led display and its seal is 3mm. Equiped for the external vacuum.

Oxygen is the principal reason why food turns into bad shape. That's why we use this machines, eliminating the air inside the bags and sealing them, preventing it from going back in, keeping the properties ok more time.

This machine has an easy way of proceeding. 

How to use the machine

1. Put the machine in a flat surface and connect it to the electricity (230V). 

2. Open the frontal cover. 

3. Put the product we want to seal inside a special bag (embossed vacuum pouches).

4. Put the bag on top of the sealing bar, leaving it the most plain and at the same hight of the machine. We will prevent a bad sealed.

5. With both hands, we get the cover down.

6. When we observ it has sealed enough, press the sealing button. 

7. When the light switches off: our product would be ready.Dimensiones envasadora doméstica de Bolsemack


Data sheet

Domestic use:
Units per package / box:
Machine Model:
Welding bar::
330 mm
Machine dimensions:
380x180x110 mm.
3 kg.
230 Volt 50 HZ
Panel de control
3 LED, Display digital
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