Domestic Vacuum Sealer Machines

We have a wide range of vacuum sealers for domestic use made of a high quality ABS plastic, as well as vacuum sealers made of stainless steel with different sizes of sealing bars.

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Domestic vacuum sealer AG 3200

Price €65.00

Domestic vacuum sealer for embossed vacuum pouches. Made in non-toxic ABS with a 300mm solder bar. 3 mm solder. Equiped with exterior vacuum access. Manual handling. Eas use and maintenance. Between 6-12 sec. to seal. It is perfect for working with fresh and dry food. Vacuum pressure -0.7 bar ~ -0.75bar.

100.000 life cycle * Industrial type ABS * 5 instruction heating layers  * One touch handling * Wet and dry food configuration to perfectly seal even in wet bags * Soft adjustment to avoid food shredding * Light and compact * Starting kit included: 10 bags 200x250mm and hose for the recipient (not included).

Envasadora doméstica Bolsemack

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PROMO Vacuum Sealer AG 3200 + HOME COMBO

Regular price €76.88 Price €44.99 -€31.90

If you're a cooking enthusiast, this is the product for you. A pack consisting of a domestic vacuum sealer and an assortment of 4 sizes of vacuum bags.

Save time and, above all, money. Vacuum seal your food and store it for family meals and dinners. They will stay fresh and last much longer. You can also vacuum seal excess food.

PACK: 1 30 cm sealing domestic vacuum sealer + 4 models of vacuum bags

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