Domestic Vacuum Sealer Machines

We have a wide range of vacuum sealers for domestic use made of a high quality ABS plastic, as well as vacuum sealers made of stainless steel with different sizes of sealing bars.

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Domestic vacuum sealer AG 3200

Price €65.00

Domestic vacuum sealer for embossed vacuum pouches. Made in non-toxic ABS with a 300mm solder bar. 3 mm solder. Equiped with exterior vacuum access. Manual handling. Eas use and maintenance. Between 6-12 sec. to seal. It is perfect for working with fresh and dry food. Vacuum pressure -0.7 bar ~ -0.75bar.

100.000 life cycle * Industrial type ABS * 5 instruction heating layers  * One touch handling * Wet and dry food configuration to perfectly seal even in wet bags * Soft adjustment to avoid food shredding * Light and compact * Starting kit included: 10 bags 200x250mm and hose for the recipient (not included).

Envasadora doméstica Bolsemack

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