Embossed Vacuum Pouches for Cooking

This material is optimal for use ONLY in domestic packaging machines and allows cooking of the product without the material suffering and allowing packaging in addition to the so-called vacuum cooking. It maintains all the properties of the cooked and packaged product.

They have a smooth face and an embossed face that allows the extraction of air. They are suitable for almost all domestic packaging machines, such as Lacor, Oster, Foodsaver, Garhe, Philips-Saeco, Magic Vac, Taurus, Silvercrest, etc.

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Boilable vacuum bag/pouch rolls, 20cm/6m

Price €12.80

Esta material se utiliza para las envasadoras de tipo doméstico o externas. Cuenta con una superficie delantera completamente lisa y una composición de poliamida y polietileno entre 95 y 105 micras. Y de una parte trasera rugosa, estriada o gofrada necesaria para la extracción del aire en este tipo de máquinas. Ancho 20cm. y 6 metros de largo. Para cortar como desee. En paquetes de 2. 

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Embossed Vacuum Pouch COMBO COOKING pack

Price €22.63

If you use a domestic canner and want to cook sous vide this combo will come in handy; comes with a selection of 4 bag sizes at an unbeatable price!

Contains 100 bags that are used for all types of domestic packaging machines such as SilverCrest (Lidl), Lacor, Foodsaver, Orved, Garhe, Vac Star, Taurus, Magic Vac etc:

  • 25 cooking bags 150x265mm
  • 25 cooking bags 200x300mm
  • 25 cooking bags 250x350mm
  • 25 cooking bags 300x400mm *

* The 300x400mm bag is NOT compatible with Foodsaver packaging machines.

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